Egg Donation

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Legal planning is imperative when Intended Parents are growing their family by means of an egg donor. Our experienced attorneys assist our clients to understand the legal issues and applicable state law involving the egg donation process.

An egg donor, also referred to as ovum donor or oocyte donor, may be a known donor or an anonymous donor. Either way, it is crucial to enter into a written contract between the Intended Parents and the egg donor prior to proceeding with the egg donation process. This written contract is typically referred to as egg donor agreement, ovum donor agreement or oocyte donor agreement. There are many important legal issues to consider when discussing the egg donation process such as issues involving an egg donor insurance policy, unforeseen events, compensation and reimbursements, relinquishment of rights to a future child, and issues relating to potential unused embryos. Our attorneys will ensure that our clients fully understand their rights and that their interests are fully protected in the contract.

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